Friday, 10 October 2008


I LOVE IT. The GazettE look awesome in the Leech video. The song rocks but I'll talk about that next month in the single review. For now, lets just take in the visuals. The costumes are great. I love Ruki's new haircut. The camera work for the band parts is aggressive and jumpy just like the song. Great video for a great song.

Verdict: **** (4/5)


Another nondescript VK band to review. NoGod are passable. They are better than a lot of indie VK bands out there but never impressive enough to make it big. NoGod's new single "Midori no Kaze" is ok. The first track, "Dou" is bland sugar-rock and catchy for all of 5 minutes. I guarantee you'll forget it before you even leave the room. "Seshuuka" on the other hand is a Phantasmagoria / D style gothic aggressive metal track that features listenable melodies and, good vocals and killer guitar solos. The track is worth a download. "Tsubasa" is fine too. Its a nostalgic summer track but not as annoyingly poppy as "Dou". Its more Laraku-esque.

Not bad. Worth a listen.

Verdict: *** (3/5)


There's no need to beat about the bush. You can spend hundreds of words on an Oasis review or you can be direct and to-the-point. Oasis' latest studio album is actually quite good. Not great, but good.
More than ever, the Beatles' influence is heard throughout and though the songs are listenable, the lack of originality is grating. However, let it be said that track 7: "Falling Down" may be one of Noel's greatest songs. Its moody, pounding and also beautifully powerful with its orchestral backing and lamentful vocals. John, sorry Liam's song, "I'm Outta Time" is a Lennonesque ballad that is genuinely sweet proving that the boys work best when they are sensitive song writers.
There are some experiments in the form of the stoner sitar ditty "To Be Where There's Life" and the pseudo-psychedelia of "Bag It Up" and to be fair, they are pretty good.
Its not going to win awards. Oasis are never going to rekindle the fire of their mid-90s heydey but this effort at least halts the downward spiral they appeared to be on. Give it a listen. You may be surprised at the quality of most of the songs. I know I was.
For the iPod playlist: "Falling Down", "I'm Outta Time", "To Be Where There's Life".
Verdict: *** (3/5)


Oppenheimer have returned to blustery Norn Iron for a domestic tour. I caught 2 shows: a blistering performance at premier alternative club Stiff Kitten in Belfast and a not-so-well-recieved show at sea-side tavern, The Square Peg in Warrenpoint.
Both sets were pretty much identical featuring an evenly split mix of old classics and songs from the band's latest (and superb) album "Take The Whole Midrange And Boost It". Part of the appeal of Oppenheimer's live shows is the sheer charisma of the Belfast duo. Guitarist Rocky flails about their usually small stages with his enormous light-up guitar and sarcastically banters with drummer Shawn Robinson through his voice-changer microphone. Shawn on the otherhand, is a calm, soft-spoken man who lends a unique innocent charm to many of the band's songs.
In Stiff kitten, the band were immediately at home. A slight technical failure during the first song, "My Son, The Astronaut" was taken in stride with the band holding a light-hearted vote as to which song they should play. Highlights included a fantastic, energetic rendition of "Saturday Night Looks Bad To Me" from their debut album and the free gift of a 7" vinyl containing their new single.
In Warrenpoint however, the band played to an audience so tepid and braindead they may as well not have shown up. The Square Peg is infamous for its tolerance of underage drinking and as such the place was filled with idiotic drunken 15 year olds and cheeky country bumpkins who hadn't a clue who was on stage. This wasnt the case for too long as a police raid soon emptied the bar leaving only a dozen or so people to watch the band finish their set. One guy at the front messed with Rocky's equipent leading to short flare of rage from the Oppenheimer guitarist and an angry walk into the crowd, his guitar flying wildly. Professionalism won out and in the end, he returned to the stage and continued to play. I genuinely felt sorry for them. They deserve bigger and better crowds than this.
Support at Stiff Kitten was provided by The Dudley Corporation (decent) and Not Squares (so bad they should be locked in a box and thrown into the ocean).
@ Stiff Kitten: **** (4/5)
@ Square Peg: ** (2/5) - NOTE: This is not the band's fault. It was the audience & the venue.

Friday, 3 October 2008


In the emo scene there are two types of bands: good ones and shit ones. For every good band like My Chemical Romance there is a bowel troubler like Elliot Minor. Paramore however are quite good and this single from the upcoming Twilight OST is moody and gothic in all the right places.
It sounds like the song "Let the Flames Begin" from the band's most recent album "Riot!" but its still a great comeback single from a band who are really coming into their own. The song has some great wailing guitars and Hayley Williams' voice is impressive (as always). For such a young band, they really put most emo bands to shame (where some should really stay).
Verdict: **** (4/5)