Friday, 10 October 2008


There's no need to beat about the bush. You can spend hundreds of words on an Oasis review or you can be direct and to-the-point. Oasis' latest studio album is actually quite good. Not great, but good.
More than ever, the Beatles' influence is heard throughout and though the songs are listenable, the lack of originality is grating. However, let it be said that track 7: "Falling Down" may be one of Noel's greatest songs. Its moody, pounding and also beautifully powerful with its orchestral backing and lamentful vocals. John, sorry Liam's song, "I'm Outta Time" is a Lennonesque ballad that is genuinely sweet proving that the boys work best when they are sensitive song writers.
There are some experiments in the form of the stoner sitar ditty "To Be Where There's Life" and the pseudo-psychedelia of "Bag It Up" and to be fair, they are pretty good.
Its not going to win awards. Oasis are never going to rekindle the fire of their mid-90s heydey but this effort at least halts the downward spiral they appeared to be on. Give it a listen. You may be surprised at the quality of most of the songs. I know I was.
For the iPod playlist: "Falling Down", "I'm Outta Time", "To Be Where There's Life".
Verdict: *** (3/5)

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