Saturday, 25 April 2009

No, I'm not dead.

I don't get around to updating this as much as I would like but hopefully that will change soon. For now, a few tidbits.

The GazettE's new album "DIM" is out July 15th - I will be getting it I think. Their last album was quite a pleasant package when it arrived in the post so I think I may splash the cash this time around too. Its only Y3600 too which is respectable enough.

Gackt on the other hand can suck my balls. Staggering his new album across 4 single releases (7 if you count the last 3 singles) is just greed taken to a new form. Instead of one album of 13 or so songs for the usual price, we now get said songs for nearly 3 times that. Not on, Gackt. I shall be downloading your singles illegally, tagging them under the album title of MY choosing and frowning upon your greedy corporate soul. It was supposed to be about the music, man!

Irish singer/songwriter Neev released the second single from her upcoming album "Cardboard Spaceship". Its really good people so buy it on iTunes. Well worth 79p.

"We <3 hide ~ The Best in the World", the latest best-of collection from the late X Japan guitarist hide goes on sale to mark his 11th anniversary this Saturday May 2nd. I voted along with other fans around the world on the tracklisting, and the limited version comes with a t-shirt so I am relatively excited about it.

Unfortunately, I had to cancel my order for the extraordinarily over-priced Dir en grey dvd out next week. Tour 08 ~ The Rose Trims Again will be released in Europe a week or two after the Japan release and hopefully at a much cheaper price. HMV are the only site listing it however...

That's all for now, friends.

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