Tuesday, 25 August 2009


"Drummer, pianist and founder of popular rock group X Japan, YOSHIKI, 43, flew in by helicopter to watch his “Team Yoshiki & Dome Project” car in the Super GT Series race at Suzuka Circuit on Sunday.

YOSHIKI was wearing a neck brace and had his left arm in plaster, following surgery in late July in the U.S. on a slipped disc in his spine. He revealed that he would have to get the disc replaced within the next three years, and that if nerve damage in his arm did not heal in the next two years, then it would be permanent. He said doctors cautioned him on his drumming practice which will resume next month, telling him not to raise his arms too high, not to twist his body left and right, and not to use anything heavier than one kilogram."

(Cont.) "After watching his team car come in fourth, YOSHIKI then went to Ise Shrine, also in Mie Prefecture, and prayed for a recovery in his health. YOSHIKI also revealed that he has prepared his will given the risks involved with his spinal injuries, and that nearly one quarter of his assets will be used for the benefit of his long-term fans. "

So no more X Japan concerts in 2009 *muffled scream of rage*. I read a damning editorial over at TheOtherEast.net and I have to say, it's hard not to be a little disenchanted with X Japan right now. Obviously health problems are unavoidable in Yoshiki's case and we hope he makes a speedy recovery but there are serious problems with X Japan's management.

There have been around a dozen cancellations or postponements of concerts in the past two years. Almost twice as much cancellations as actual successful perfromances. That is shocking.

Remember the Madison Square Garden gig? Cancelled. Remember Paris? Cancelled 3 TIMES!
China? Cancelled. Korea? Cancelled. Even frickin' Osaka got cancelled. It's a debacle and frankly when your concerts are nothing more than 9 songs dragged out over 3 hours it's shameful. X Japan should sit down and look at their dvds from Blue Blood and Jealousy era. Fuck Dahlia. By that time they were barely a band. I'm talking everything before Art of Life. They should increase the song count and get rid of the bullshit. No-one wants a friggin fashion show as an encore.

The Greatest Hits cd? Yoshiki said it SHOULD be out by the end of the year. He said this in both 2007 and 2008. I.V. is finished. Without You should be finished and Jade is apparently finished too. Why can't they release a damn cd given that the rest of the disc will be made up of PREVIOUSLY RELEASED MATERIAL.

Then Heath royally fucked up by holding out for a pay rise. He will forever be tarnished by that.
Also getting on everyone's nerves is X Japan's complete inability to LET HIDE REST IN PEACE! But i won't get into that.

Return to your roots X JAPAN before your legacy is tarnished forever.

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