Thursday, 4 September 2008


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As the world's biggest X Japan fan, I felt it my duty to report that on September 15th in Tokyo, Yoshiki will address fans on the future plans of X Japan (a.k.a: Best. Band. EVAAAAAAAR). The first 3000 fans to arrive with proof of their fandom (like a cd of poster) will recieve an exclusive X Japan "World Tour Start Commemoration Street Army" T-Shirt.

I want one. I want one now.

Nikkan Sports also reports that an X Japan concert will be held in Japan before the end of the year. Cool I guess but they just had 3 mega-fuckin-amazing gigs this year, the big news is the World Tour. There is a strong chance that I may see my favourite band of all time. If it happens, then I will be the crying, screaming mess of a man in the front row. And you can thank Yoshiki for that.

More news as it happens. For now, here's the video for their last single "I.V."

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