Monday, 15 September 2008



Yoshiki (above), unveiled a few of the things planned for X fans today. TheOtherEast reports that the following announcements were made:

-The countdown live has been announced, more info coming over the next two weeks.
-World Tour dates to be announced over the next two weeks
-New BEST album will go on sale on 29th October
-The Paris live was re-confirmed.
-A Christmas LIVE concert
-X Japan song in the game Rock Band. (Likely on the Japanese port of the first Rock Band which hasn’t come out yet which would then likely come to other regions via DLC
-In 2010 a movie involving the deceased Akira Kurosawa will be released in the states with Yoshiki produced music.
-A new “intense” song by X!
-Re-confirming of the 3 Days reunion coming to DVD
-A Violet-UK release

I'll keep you updated. Thanks to TheOtherEast for the info, I swear, Lee Miller is like a gold mine of X info.

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