Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Now we're talking. I love Kagrra, but I will also be the first to admit that sometimes their songs sound the same. Its also hard to deny that their recent albums, especially "Core", lacked the inventiveness of older albums liked "San". However, new single "Uzu" is a solid stab at mixing things up. Its a darker single for the band, and yet its still very oriental in its use of koto (played by guitarist Shin) and its Ghost in the Shell-style backing synth-choral chants.

Isshi is still an incredible vocalist with an extreme vocal range allowing him to hit high notes with his impressive falsetto and yet still deliver capable middle range verses. Lets not forget the blistering guitar solo and koto breakdown that adds a bajillion awesome points to an already awesome song.

"Hozuki" is a mellow, relaxing koto / acoustic guitar track with a soft, yet beautiful chorus that becomes an orchestral power-ballad in the last third. Its understated for the most part and a lovely addition to the Kagrra, song catalogue.

The 3rd song on the single is "Shigatsu tsuitachi", the bouncy pop number that previously appeared on "Core". It was one of the best tracks on the album and its inclusion here is to mark its use in a new tv show.

Well done Isshi & Co. Its the best Kagrra single in years.

Verdict: **** (4/5)

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