Friday, 7 November 2008


Sorry I havent posted anything in a while. I've been quite busy. However, I have had time to listen to quite a few new releases so its time for a review party.

First up is the long-awaited new album from hard-rock veterans AC/DC. Black Ice is everything you would expect from an AC/DC album. There are chunky, simplistic riffs, vocal-chord-damaging screeches and the type of bawdy lyrics that ooze good ol' fashioned hedonism. Angus Young said that rock n' roll was just about going out and having fun and getting your dick wet. That pretty much sums up the album. Its good fun but its also nothing we havent come to expect from AC/DC. Its pile-driving road-trip rock at its most predictable. Sigh... Its also, dare I say it, kinda boring... Apart from "Rock N' Roll Train" there arent many decent hard rockers on the album. Its just song after song of the same, not-quite-good-enough AC/DCness.

Preaching to the converted. But then again, the converted can populate a small continent.

For the iPod playlist: "Rock N' Roll Train", "War Machine".

Verdict: ** (2/5)

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