Friday, 7 November 2008


I'm shocked. I actually like this. Rentrer en Soi (or RENTRER EN SOI as they like to be called after going to the DIR EN GREY school of Caps lock) were never a band I had much time for. I found their major label releases to be Diru clones and one of their recent singles was absolutely awful.

Then they decided to disband. As a send-off we are getting a greatest hits package and this rather brilliant mini-album called "Megiddo". Its heavy and melodic in all the right places and damn if I didnt have a smile on my face throughout. "Crusade" has perfect melancholic passages interspersed with growling and chunky riffs and an angelic chorus. "Baptism" is a v-kei style sinister growler and its great. "Damnation" starts with pounding drums and then a funky riff which cements the track in groove territory and those little cascading guitar licks are orgasmic. Vocally, they've never been better. The choruses are awesome and there are harmonies to rival even Kyo's.

Its still Diru-lite but now they have a better voice of their own. Its more like Luna Sea meets Dir en grey. Fantastic.

For the iPod playlist: Put it all on, its only a 5 song mini-album. And its their best.

verdict: ***** (5/5)

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