Friday, 7 November 2008


Girugämesh's new album "Music" is confused and disappointing. For a band that had so much promise with their last album, they have decided to give up the direction they were going and instead become a GazettE cover band. With its DJ scratches and odd burst of rapping (the horror!), Giru have decided to load a revolver and put it in their mouths to see what happens. They have dodged the bullet this time but this is not the direction they should head in. I suggest they go back to the drawing board and begin to eliminate any traces of the words: DJ, Linkin Park, rapping.
The GazettE got there first and do it way better than this. Their album "Stacked Rubbish" was released last year and it rocked. Girugämesh's "Music" in contrast feels dated. "Break Down" has some nice verses but then the rapping and horrific poppy chorus rip through the song like a knife-weilding rapist. "Ultimate 4" is its ugly bastard child.
"Angry Juice" is an electronic experiment that sometimes works but frequently descends into structureless, forgettable dross. "Evolution" features awful vocal bursts of "evolution!" but it features a good chorus and the onslaught of effects make it an aural assault. One of the better tracks.
There is a brief instrumental interlude on Track 7 that again misses the mark. It has some pretty piano but its horrendous dance-beat makes it sound like a leftover from the Matrix soundtrack. It leads onto the dancey and bearable "puzzle".
"Ishtar" is ok. A little uninspired perhaps. Closing track "enishi" is fine too. Damn. The overall feeling of this album ranges from "Ugh" to "Meh". Sorry girugämesh but, MUSIC is a mis-step.
For the iPod playlist: "Evolution", "Puzzle"
Verdict: ** (2/5)

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