Sunday, 24 August 2008


Trent Reznor is back and his latest offering is certaninly no slip. His band (well, really its just him) Nine Inch Nails have been sitting pretty on top of the industrial rock throne for years now. Can the aging dinosaur still rock with the newer kids on the block?

Simply put, yes. In fact,"The Slip" still puts all other imitators to shame. There is something undeniably authentic about Reznor's music that all its poilitical and social commentaries feel honest and meaningful. His lyrics are still angst-ridden and furious but none of them feel forced or misguided.

The album is quite brisk even at 43 mins with the sound fluctuating from fuzz-laden groovers like "1,000,000", the disco-noir of "Discipline" to the despairng, isolated piano of "Lights in the Sky" the ambient brooding drone of "Corona Radiata". Its all very bold and whilst a few songs are just standard NIN, you cant help but applaud Reznor's unfaltering vision.

It should also be noted that the album has been offered for free download from the official site. Trent Renor is typically anti-label and even has gone so far as to release "The Slip" with a Creative Commons license, letting fans remix the album as they see fit, share it with their friends, or even broadcast it as part of a podcast.

Nine Inch Nails have always been at the forefront of innovative rock and "The Slip" is no different. By turns claustrophobic and punch-packing, the album lingers in the mind. A haunting and disaffected return from Trent Reznor.

You can officially download the album for free here:

For the iPod playlist: "1,000,000", "Lights in the Sky".

Verdict: **** (4/5)

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