Saturday, 9 August 2008


Oh hey I'm sorry but I didnt order any of the generic growling visual kei music. Seriously, how to Sadie's fans not see that their fave band is nothing more than a girugamesh tribute band? In a scene populated by Diren grey, girugamesh and Rentrer en Soi, why the hell to we need Sadie when their releases sound like this? "Grieving the dead soul" (another tour de force in bad engrish) is what happens when a band has no sound of their own. The bass is cool, no question, but everything Sadie does has been done better by so many other bands. The growling vocals are just bland, the chorus is boring and the whole things smacks of "hey lets make our song sound like "Volcano" by girugamesh". Sorry Sadie, but you should have called your single "FAIL".

Verdict: * (1/5 - either do something original or get the fuck out)

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