Monday, 4 August 2008


Dir en grey will release their seventh studio album on November 12th. This latest offering from the Osaka 5-piece is entitled "Uroboros" and will be made available in 3 editions: a single-disc regular edition, a limited edition with bonus unplugged disc, and finally a much more expensive Deluxe Edition which includes the bonus disc, sticker, extra making-of dvd and 2 LPS.

The album will include the band's last single "Dozing Green", the upcoming single "Glass Skin" and the newly announced, "Third Time Does The Trick".

I have mixed opinions about Diru's last album, "The Marrow Of A Bone". I loved some of the tracks, particularly the ballads, but on the whole it felt rushed and generally lacking. About half of the album rocked whilst 3 or 4 songs felt uninspired or lazy. Not to mention it was a frickin' metalcore album. I still liked it but i am glad they have changed direction again. I feared they would descend into metalcore mediocrity but "Dozing Green" was a breath of fresh air and if the descriptions of "Glass Skin" are anything to go by, "Uroboros" may be the bands best album yet.

I have faith in Kaoru.

P.S- The updates have been a little slow lately, so i apologise. I promise the Oxegen report is coming and i will post it eventually!

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