Wednesday, 27 August 2008


"All Hope Is Gone" is the 4th album from the masked Iowa nine-piece. I'm not a Slipknot fan and honestly sometimes they remind me of Dethklok but even a non-fan can appreciate some of the songs on here. Its all very heavy but its still quite interesting. "Gematria" may be a bit generic but songs like "Psychosocial", a pounding, grooving rocker, and "Dead Memories", a straight-up conventional rock song are listenable and help brake up the stale metalcore formula.
"Gehenna" is a slow, quasi-grunge track that stands out for showing that the Des Moines boys have more up their sleeves than nu-metal. Perhaps the biggest surprise is the presence of a power-ballad. "Snuff", like Vol.3's "Vermillion, Pt2" is an angsty, clean-sung wrist-cutter and whilst it sounds almost a little too similar to Vol.3's softer songs, at least changes the tone of the album.

The bonus tracks are: the almost pop-rock "Child of Burning Time" (which is actually really good!), the dirge-like "Till We Die" (which is also really good!) and a remix of "Vermillion, Pt2".
I definitely recommend getting the version with these bonus tracks because they are highpoints for sure.

For the iPod playlist: "Psychosocial", "Dead Memories", "Child of Burning Time".

Verdict: *** (3/5)

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